- When the winds of change blow, some people build walls, others build windmills -


Building long-term partnerships

Elpis is a boutique family firm specialised in Creative Investment strategies and Marketing Intelligence solutions.

We are located in the UAE, a hub for international business and one of the world's top and stable financial centres. 

At Elpis, we offer our Clients the opportunity to secure their global Investments through creative and fully-integrated solutions that maximise their privacy as well as their Investment returns.

We also elaborate Investment strategies incorporating ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria for Investors who want to invest in a sustainable way that makes a positive impact, while generating yields. 

We tailor winning Investment strategies through specific Marketing Intelligence solutions. However, our mission doesn't end there. Our Clients also benefit from our high level of expertise in Risk Management through innovative and dedicated Strategic Investment tools.
Driven by their Swiss DNA, our two founders total more than 45 years of experience in International Investment Consulting and Marketing Intelligence. 

Our Philosophy is to constantly deliver the highest level of expertise that is driven by the same entrepreneurial spirit that inspires the prestigious HNWI Families we work with. 

We seek to be the Global Investment advisor of reference for Entrepreneurs and their Family - not just today, but over the long term, generation after generation. 




In control, but not alone

At ELPIS, we understand your aspirations and make sure your Investments are structured in an optimal and sustainable way. To that end, our team of international experts have the talent to provide bespoke solutions with multiple layers of protection, in collaboration with well-established partners and trustworthy private banks.


Investment strategies are not a static matter. Our ability to re-evaluate a changing world from a holistic perspective enables us to build stability and to preserve and grow our Clients' Investments over the long term.


We also help you to preserve family assets and to ensure a smooth transition from one generation to the next by implementing the right flexible planning vehicle.

We constantly ensure that your Investments are structured around your objectives and that you regain privacy and high return on your Investments, through our structuring modules.



Full transparency - we do not accept retro-commissions from any third party

Strategic Investment management is paramount in the global economy. There are so many deep-going changes that require constant monitoring of Investment Strategies to preserve and increase yields.


At ELPIS, we are proud to advise Clients through our innovative Investment Supervision mandate. This instrument allows us to make Investments in an optimal and efficient way - while remaining fully independent from any third party. 


Risk Management is at the heart of all our solutions. Defining, implementing and reassessing least-risk

Investment strategies is our specialty.



Protecting your interests is crucial while investing internationally. We provide our clients with privileged access to a network of renowned legal firms working across the globe.


Anytime, anywhere, we cover your six.



Philanthropy differs from one person to another and depends on family value over generations.


For us, there is a clear synergy between philanthropy and Investment strategies and our "rethinking tomorrow's world" philosophy provides us a firm understanding of the importance of the link between the two.



Elpis Services and Investments LLC

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Sharjah Media City (Shams)

Al Bataeh
Sharjah - UAE

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Office 2407 - Regal Tower 
P.O. Box 111149
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+971 4 587 73 95

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